Offered Programs

“Basic Course on LaTex for Engineers and Researchers”

The Department of Civil Engineering (DCE), Pulchowk Campus is initiated a new scientific journal, named “Nepal Journal of Civil Engineering” in believing that engineers and researchers from general and specialized field of Civil Engineering will have an access to a new platform for the publication of their research works. We are rigorously working on it since few months and hopping that the first issue will be published in next 6 months.

To maintain the quality of this journal, we have chosen LaTex as a writing tool. It is suited to produce structured documents, typesetting equations, figure layouts and so on. It includes features designed for the production of high-quality typesetting documents for technical and scientific community especially for journal production. It is available as free software for most of the easily available operating systems.

To familiarize with LaTex, we have organized a 2 hours basic course in 2 weeks at IoE, which is facilitated by Assistant Prof. Jayandra Raj Shrestha. The detail of the program is as follows.

Program Detail:

Resource Person: Mr. Jayandra Raj Shrestha, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Science, IoE, Pulchowk

Course offered: “Basic course on LaTex for Engineers and Researchers”

Date (s)Day 1– August 1, 2019 (A.D.) or Shrawan 16, 2076 (B.S.) THURSDAY &

               Day 2– August 8, 2019 (A.D.) or Shrawan 23, 2017 (B.S.) THURSDAY

Time: 5:00 pm onward (Arrival Time: 10 min. to 5:00 pm)

Venue: F-Hall (F-Block, GF) Pulchowk Campus, IoE, T.U.

The MSc students, Research scholars and faculty members are encouraged to join this LaTex course. Please do not miss this opportunity. Our special request to our MSc coordinator sirs to convey this message to our master’s 1st and 2nd year’s students. It’s kind of mandatory course for them to submit research article to NJCE.

Thanks for your participation and interaction.