MSc & PhD in Transportation Engineering, 2010

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M.Sc.  Dissertations In Transportation Engineering       

2067 Batch  

S.No./Roll No./Name of Student/Thesis Title

  1. 067/MST/251 Amit Kumar SHRESTHA Study of Motorcycle traffic stream characteristics in Kathmandu valley
  2. 067/MST/252 Ashis Thapa MAGAR Effects of fines content on strength behaviour of pavement materials
  3. 067/MST/253 Babu Ram PAUDEL Non destructive evaluation of Asphalt concrete pavement in Airfields: A case study of Tribhuvan International Airport
  4. 067/MST/254 Bikash MAHARJAN Cobble Pavement an alternative pavement option for Rural Road in Nepal
  5. 067/MST/255 Binay RAI Estimation of work trip mode choice model for public transit captive riders in Kathmandu valley
  6. 067/MST/256 Binod SINGH Evaluation of existing level of service of intersection by Simulation Modeling: A case study of Putalisadak Intersection
  7. 067/MST/258 Bishnu Prasad DEVKOTA Modeling pedestrian behavior at pedestrian crossings: A case study in Kathmandu
  8. 067/MST/259 Buddha MAHARJAN Analysis of motorcycle accident cost by willingness to pay method: A case study for Kathmandu valley
  9. 067/MST/260 Guru Dutta ADHIKARI Development of an approapriate Traffic Forecasting model in Nepal
  10. 067/MST/261 Laxmi DHAKAL Development of Trip Generation Model: A case study of zones inside the ring road
  11. 067/MST/262 Mahesh MAHARJAN Prediction of Periodic Maintenance of Bituminous Roads
  12. 067/MST/263 Nal Bikram THAPA Financing airport projects: A PPP approach
  13. 067/MST/264 Rishab KHANAL Suitability test of coarse aggregates for pavement construction from twenty five quarries of central region of Nepal
  14. 067/MST/265 Sagar Ram NEPAL Minimum traffic threshold for rural road upgradation: A case study of Terai Road
  15. 067/MST/266 Satya Ram DUWAL Air travel demand modeling for Nepal
  16. 067/MST/267 Shaligram DEVKOTA Economic Analysis of Low Volume Road: A case study of Kalanki Ghyampedol Badvangyang Road
  17. 067/MST/269 Sunil KHYAJU Signal optimization at isolated intersection by using presignal: A case study of Keshar Mahal intersection
  18. 067/MST/270 Sushil Babu DHAKAL Estimation of Pavement layer moduli and displacements based on optimization techniques using non destructive test data

2068 Batch   

  1. 2068/MST/r/251 Anjana BHATTA Evaluation of post construction effectiveness of mitigation measures as contained in EMAP for upgrading Kathmandu-Naubise alternative road
  2. 068/MST/252 Bikash Raj JOSHI Accident Prediction Model for Nepalese Road (A case study of Tinkune Suryabinayak Section)
  3. 2068/MST/f/253 Hemanta TIWARI Calibration of conventional macroscopoic traffic flow models for Nepalese Roads: (a case study of Jadibuti-Suryabinayak section)
  4. 2068/MST/s/254 Karna Singh KHATRI Assigning risk score to bends and devising treatment hierarchy in Dhulikhel-Nepalthok road
  5. 068/MST/255 Kiran SUBEDI Impact Strength Analysis of Road Side Crash Barriers (A case study of Malekhu Kurintar Section of Prithvi Highway)
  6. 2068/MST/f/256 Krishna Nath OJHA Overloading condition and its effect on pavement service life (A case study: Narayanghat-Mungling Road)
  7. 2068/MST/f/257 Moha Raj PAUDEL Application of Analytical Hierarchic Process in District Road Core Network selection and ranking process for the preparation of District Transport Master Plan: A case study of Bhojpur District
  8. 2068/MST/f/258 Narakant SAPKOTA Identification of Accident prone zone and developing an accident prediction model along Naubise-Mugling secton of Prithvi Highway
  9. 2068/MST/f/259 Nemi BHATTARAI Optimization and Priotization of Transport Network: Agricultural Development Perspective (a case study of Sankhuwasabha district)
  10. 2068/MST/f/260 Nitesh ACHARYA Development of a methodology to priotize road safety projects based on safety index (a case study of Tansen-Tamghas feeder road)
  11. 2068/MST/r/261 Prem Nath BASTOLA A study on analysis of transportation network and spatial economy- network influence on urban potentiality
  12. 2068/MST/r/262 Pushpa Raj NEUPANE Performance evaluation of pedestrian bridges in Kathmandu
  13. 2068/MST/s/263 Puspa Raj BHATTA Performance of Otta seal pavement in Nepal: A case study of Anarkholi Satbanjh road
  14. 2068/MST/s/264 Ram Hari MAHARJAN Domestic air passenger demand model for major airports of Nepal
  15. 2068/MST/f/265 Ramesh BALA Analysis of IRI value for assessment of optimum maintenane strategy for Low traffic volume roads in Nepal
  16. 2068/MST/r/266 Sachin THAPA Traffic Volume prediction model for rural roads: A case study of Western part of Nepal
  17. 2068/MST/f/267 Sambriddhi SHRESTHA Development of saturation flow and dealy models for signalized intersection in Kathmandu
  18. 2068/MST/f/268 Sambhu Prasad ACHARYA Risk factor associated with road construction in Nepal; with study technical audit conducted by National Vigilance Centre
  19. 2068/MST/r/269 Sambhu Saran BARAL Analysis of pedestrian walking speed and flow characteristics at side walkway: A case study of Kathmandu valley
  20. 2068/MST/r/270 Suresh PAUDEL Maintenance planning of East West highway

2069 Batch 

  1. 069/MST/251 Amindra KHADKA Covering based Approach for Rural Road Planning
  2. 2069/MST/252 Ashok PAUDEL Analysis of pedestrian crossing speed and estimation of level of service for crosswalk at signalized intersections (A case study of Tinkure-Suryabinayak Road)
  3. 2069/MST/253 Bhimarjan ADHIKARI A study on the transportation investment trends in Nepal and Evaluation of desired level of investment
  4. 2069/MST/254 Bishnu Prasad PAUDEL Modeling pedestrian road crossing behavior under mixed traffic condition in Kathmandu
  5. 2069/MST/255 Chhabi Lal PAUDEL All weather road transport infrastructure and their impact on socio-economic development, a case analysis of Road Sector Development Project of Nepal
  6. 069/MST/257 Dhruba Raj DEVKOTA Analysis of motorcycle use behavior in Nepal: An application and extension of theory of planned behavior
  7. 2069/MST/259 Jagat PRAJAPATI Analysis of traffic volume forecast in road project and time series model
  8. 2069/MST/260 Kamal Kumar SAH Relevancy of Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) in Kathmandu valley and appropriate model of carrying out TIA in Kathmandu valley
  9. 069/MST/261 Khimananda PANTHI Modeling the impact of on street parking on Kathmandu Valley
  10. 2069/MST/262 Manish Man SHAKYA A study on road roughness condition estimation
  11. 2069/MST/263 Prakash ADHIKARI Optimization of road network, Agriculture and Construction material perspective: A case study of Makwanpur district
  12. 2069/MST/264 Pratibha GYAWALI Estimation of pedestrian level of service of sidewak (A case study of Kathmandu Valley)
  13. 2069/MST/265 Rajan DUWAL The impact of variability of peak hour approach volumes on intersection delay
  14. 069/MST/267 Shashi SHRESTHA Impacts of low bidding by the contractors on serviceability of Strategic roads in Nepal
  15. 069/MST/268 Sudeep THAPA Study on the effect of bus bays on the curb lane capacity of Kathmandu valley
  16. 2069/MST/270 Vivek GUPTA Modeling dwell time and clearance time of public vehicles at bus bay bus stops of Kathmandu valley

2070 Batch    

  1. 070/MST/251 Aashish KHADKA The Study of Effect of Road Width on Passenger Car Units (PCU) of Vehicles under Heterogeneous Traffic Condition
  2. 070/MST/252 Abhash POUDEL The study of Effect of Humps in Vehicular Movement (A case study of Kathmandu Valley)
  3. 070/MST/253 Amit Prasad TIMALSENA Impact of Traffic Bottleneck on Urban Roads: A case study of Maitighar Tinkune Road Secton
  4. 070/MST/254 Amita KUMARI Comparative Analysis of Effects of Binder on Engineering Properties of Pavement Subbase Material
  5. 070/MST/257 Binayak BHATTARAI Time based Traffic Signal Coordination: A case study at Ghatthaghar and Naya Thimi Intersections
  6. 070/MST/258 Bishnu Babu PANDEY Probabilistic Model to Develop a Decision Support System for Planning Bituminous Pavement
  7. 070/MST/259 Bishnu BHATTARAI Study on Efficiency and Effectiveness of Public Transportation within Kathmandu Inner Ring Road
  8. 070/MST/260 Govinda DUMARU Determination of Pavement Economic Intervention level with Maintenance Option for Bituminous Road using HDM 4
  9. 070/MST/261 Kishor BAGALE Thapa Development of Accident Prediction Models for Rural Roads of Nepal (A case study of Naubise-Jogimara Section)
  10. 070/MST/262 Md RIJWAN The Effect of Music Listening on Break Reaction Time ( A case study of Koteshwor-Sallaghari Road Section)
  11. 070/MST/265 Pragya SHRESTHA Operational Performance of Public Transit in Kathmandu Valley (A case study of Sajha Yatayat)
  12. 070/MST/266 Rabindra POKHREL Multi-Objective Approach to Road Network Optimization: A case of Freight Route in Nepal
  13. 2070/MST/267 Sanjay KASULA The Practice of Implementation of Quality Assurance Plan in Nepal. (A Case Study in Department of Roads)
  14. 2070/MST/268 Sanjaya PANTHI Applicability of the International Roughness Index (IRI) as a Predictor of Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
  15. 070/MST/269 Shree Ram DHAKAL Effect of Road Access in Domestic Economy of Nepal: A case study of Selected Districts
  16. 070/MST/270 Shuva Raj NEUPANE Deriving threshold traffic levels for feeder road upgrading using HDM4

2071 Batch 

  1. 071/MST/251 Aashutosh KARNA Appropriate Asphalt Mix Design for Nepal
  2. 071/MST/252 Ashutosh PARSAILA Evaluation of anti stripping ashpalt concrte mix propoerties
  3. 071/MST/253 Bibek JOSHI Development of maintenance Management System Applicable to rural roads (A case study of Nuwakot district)
  4. 071/MST/255 Hari Prasad SUBEDI A Study on Impacts of Road Infrastructures on Regional Economy of Developing Nation: A Case study of Nepal
  5. 071/MST/256 Milan RAWAL Development of Present Serviceability Index (PSI) for Flexible Pavements
  6. 2071/MST/257 Prabin THAPA Optimization of Abmulance Service Facilities Location in Urban Areas: A case study of Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City, Dang
  7. 071/MST/258 Prasanna HUMAGAIN Investigation of properties of Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen and its comparison with 80/100 penetration grade bitument
  8. 2071/MST/259 Prashant Kumar YADAV Formulation of Gravel Loss Model for Unpaved Roads of Nepal
  9. 2071/MST/260 Purushottam BARAL Development of optimal tour time model for tourist destinations in a city: Application in Pokhara city network
  10. 2071/MST/262 Roshan KARKI Comparative Study of Asphalf Concrete Using Sand and Stone Dust
  11. 071/MST/265 Sarala NEUPANE Risk assessment of road expansion projects in Kathmandu Valley using Fuzzy logic approach
  12. 071/MST/269 Suresh Kumar RAI Development of Maintenance Management System Applicable to Urban Areas (A case study of Kathmandu Metropolitan City)
  13. 071/MST/261 Ratna Laxmi BAJRACHARYA Information Management System for Road Maintenance Management of Stratagic Road of Nepal
  14. 2071/MST/263 Sakar SHRESTHA Performance Improvement of a Signalized Intersection (ACase Study of New Baneshwor Intersection)
  15. 2071/MST/267 Shubhechchha BHATTA Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Along the Highway of Nepal

2072 Batch

  1. 072/MST/258 Niraj BOHORA A Comparative Study of Ashpalt Concrete with Different Fillers in terms of Marshall Stability and Flow value
  2. 2072/MST/259 Rabin THAPA Optimal Route Computation for Public Transpoart with Minimum Travelling Time & Travel Cost: A Case Study of Pokhara City.
  3. 072/MST/260 Rajeeb SHAKYA Using Logistic Regression to estimate the influence of Crash Factors on Road Crash Severity in Kathmandu Valley
  4. 072/MST/261 Rajendra MAHARJAN Effect of Aggregate Gradation Variation on the Marshall Mix Properties of Ashpalt Concrete
  5. 2071/MST/266 Sashank UPRETY The Relationship between LAA value and Thickness of Base Course of different aggregate samples of Nepal

2073 Batch

  1. 2073/MST/254 Krishna Bahadur KUNWAR The Effect of CountDown Timer Signal on the Performance of Signalized Intersection: A case study at New Baneshwor and Narayan Gopal Intersection
  2. 2073/MST/256 Manmohan JOSHI Mode Choice Modeling for Intercity Travel in Nepal
  3. 2073/MST/258 Pramesh PUDASAINI A Multi Objective Analysis of Petroleum Transportation Network Under Uncertainty
  4. 2073/MST/260 Sailesh ACHARYA Understanding the Relationship between Pedestrian Illegal Mid Block Crossings with Traffic and Geometric Parameters
  5. 2073/MST/269 Anukshya GHIMIRE Mode Choice Modeling for Work Trips in Kathmandu Valley