Former Faculty & Staff

Narendra Man SHAKYA, Ph.D. 

Educational Background: M.Sc.-Water Resources Engineering, 1982; Ph.D.-Water Resources Engineering, 1995

Designation: Professor (Retired)

Position: Former Head of Department, Former Assistant Dean-Exam Control Division, Chairman- Departmental Research Committee (D.R.C.), I.O.E., Pulchowk Campus, Program Coordinator-Water Resources Engineering, Chairman- Civil Engineering Subject Committee.

Fields of Expertise:  Assessment, Design and Implementation in Hydrology, Hydro-power, Irrigation, Water Resources Planning and Management etc.

Fields of Interest:  Water Resources Engineering, Climate Change, Water Induced Disaster etc.

Subjects of Teaching:  Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, Engineering Hydrology, Irrigation, Hydro-power, Simulation, Lab, River Engineering etc.

Contact Nos..: +977-1-5520277 (634) (Office) & +977-9851027725 (Mobile)


Research & Publication:

Hari Prasad PANDIT, Ph.D.

Educational Background: M.Sc.-Civil Engineering, 1988; M.Sc.-Hydraulic Engineering, 1996; Ph.D.-Civil Engineering, 2009

Designation: Professor

Position: Deputy Coordinator- Engineering Education Project

Fields of Expertise:  Hydro-power Engineering etc.

Fields of Interest: Hydraulic & Sediment Engineering etc.

Subjects of Teaching: Hydropower Engineering, Irrigation Engineering (B.E.), Advanced Hydraulics, Hydraulic Structures, River Engineering, Hydropower Engineering (M.Sc.) etc.

Contact Nos..: +977-9851123430 (Mobile)


Research & Publication:


Ishwar Man AMATYA

Educational Background: B.E.-Civil, 1991; M.Sc.– Environmental Engineering, 2000

Designation: Associate Professor

Position: Former Program Coordinator-Environmental Engineering

Fields of Expertise: Water supply, Sanitary, Solid Waste Management, EIA etc.

Fields of Interest: Water Supply, Sanitary, Solid Waste Management, EIA, Resource Economics etc.

Subjects of Teaching: Water Supply, Waste Water, Solid Waste, EIA, Resource Economics etc.

Contact Nos..: +977-9851051722 (Mobile)


Ramesh Kumar BAJIMAYA   

Educational Background: B.E.-Civil Engineering, 1990

Designation: Associate Professor


Fields of Expertise: Topographical survey (Building, Road, Bridge etc.)

Fields of Interest: Survey for Infrastructural Development

Subjects of Teaching: Survey Engineering- I & Survey Engineering II

Contact Nos..+977-1-4480744 (Home) & +977-9841264900 (Mobile)


Research & Publication:


Educational Background: B.E.-Civil, 1992; M.Sc.-Urban planning, 1998

Designation: Associate Professor


Fields of Expertise: Civil and Urban Planning etc.

Fields of Interest: Civil and Urban planning etc.

Subjects of Teaching: Survey Engineering, Engineering Economics, Project Engineering etc.

Contact Nos..: +977-1-4256080 (Home) & +977-9810363359 (Mobile)


Research & Publication:

Raghu Nath JHA, Ph.D.

Educational Background: B.E.-Civil (Hon.), 1984; M.Sc.-Irrigation Engineering and Management, 1993; Ph.D.-Civil Engineering, 1997

Designation: Associate Professor


Fields of Expertise: Remote Sensing, Hydrological Modeling, Database Management System DBMS,  Software: GIS (ARC/INFO, GRASS, MAPINFO), MS ACCESS etc.

Fields of Interest:  GIS and Remote Sensing Applications, Water Resources Assessment and Utilization, River Network Solution for a Distributed Hydrological Model and Applications etc.

Subjects of Teaching: Hydraulics, Irrigation and Hydrology (B.E.) & Irrigation & Drainage & GIS (M.Sc.) etc.

Contact Nos..+977-1-5520365(Home) & +977-9851041966/ (Mobile)


Research & Publication:



Chandra Lal GURUNG 

Designation: Senior Instructor

Position: Chief Lab In-charge- Survey Section

Office/Lab: Survey Section

Fields of Work: Civil Engineering Surveying

Contact Nos..+977-9851026871 (Mobile)


Name: Mr. Rakesh MASKEY

Post: Lab Officer

Working Place: Department of Civil Engineering

Contact No.: +977-9841329501